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Conemaugh MyChart

Conemaugh Health System's online Patient Portal, Conemaugh MyChart, is available for all Conemaugh Health System and Conemaugh Physician Group patients. This FREE online tool provides access to personal health records -- anywhere, anytime!

Options for Enrollment

  1. Follow instructions on your After Visit Summary
  2. Click here to request a code
  3. Let Conemaugh Health System staff know of your interest to register during your next appointment

MyChart for My Family (Proxy Access)

Conemaugh MyChart allows a parent or guardian to log into their personal Conemaugh MyChart account and gain Proxy access for a family member.

Click here for frequently asked questions about Proxy access.

Patients have access to personal information, including:

  • Current health issues - including diagnosis on the patient's problem list that the clinician has marked to be shared in MyChart. Patients can make updates to health issues list to notify clinic staff of changes.
  • Medications - including patient's current medications along with pertinent information for each medication, such as the prescribed dosage and the name of the clinician who placed the initial order.
  • Allergies - patients can see a list of allergies, date noted, and reactions for each allergy. This section also includes substance intolerances and contraindications experienced by the patient.
  • Immunizations - displays the types and dates of immunizations a patient has received and offers parents printable immunization reports needed for schools.
  • Preventive Care - establish reminders about annual screenings or flu shots, including due dates and / or last performed.
  • Health Summary - combines information to provide patients with a summary in one central location.

Through Conemaugh MyChart, patients can:

  • Request appointments
  • View test results (lab, radiology, and more)
  • Request medication refills
  • Send secure messages to physician offices
  • Become a proxy for family members (learn more by clicking here)
  • Complete questionnaires in advance of appointments
  • Track data in flowsheets and send to providers
  • Pay physician bills online

Benefits of Conemaugh MyChart

  • Strengthened relationships between patients and care providers
  • Increased patient engagement in overall health and care management plans
  • Contact your physician office at a time convenient for you


Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

Email us at or call (814) 269-5100.

About Conemaugh Connect

Conemaugh Connect, powered by Epic, is Conemaugh Health System's new electronic health record system incorporating all acute, ambulatory, and revenue cycle programming. Epic, headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin, is leading edge in the field of electronic health record and healthcare information technology solutions. A critical component of one integrated system is the ability to provide access to patient information at the point-of-care across community practices with the goal of enhancing connectivity and continuing to patients served.

Benefits of Conemaugh Connect

Through the implementation of Conemaugh Connect, Conemaugh Health System can further enhance:

  • Patient Quality
  • Patient Safety
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Staff Efficiency