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What is a Level 1 Trauma Center?

Trauma centers range from the highest level designation, Level 1, to the lowest, Level 4. Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center's Level 1 Regional Resource Trauma Center has maintained the highest level of designation since 2002.

Level 1

Level 1 Trauma Centers are required to have immediately available all resources to stabilize and definitively treat even the most complex traumatic injuries. Transfer of patients occurs only on rare occasions when an extremely specialized service is required, but this is rare. An extensive process improvement program to ensure the highest quality is required as well as to continuously monitor the process of accessing and delivering the highest quality patient care. 

Additional requirements for Level 1 designation: 

  • Prove 24-hour staff readiness 
  • Participate in research programs to ensure that the latest treatment and care methods are provided 
  • Provide ongoing educational opportunities for every member of the trauma team 
  • Support a Surgical Residency program, another way in which team members stay current with the latest treatment methods
  • Treat more than 750 trauma patients each year 

Level 1 Trauma Centers provide the highest level of trauma care to critically ill or injured patients. Seriously injured patients have an increased survival rate of 25% in comparison to those not treated at a Level 1 center.

Level 2

Typically have resources to stabilize and treat most patients but will have to transfer patients for more in depth or specialized care.

Levels 3 & 4

Typically have sufficient resources to stabilize the patient and transfer to a higher level center.