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Conemaugh Trauma Clinic After Care

After a trauma patient is discharged, trauma care is continued at Conemaugh Health System on an outpatient basis including follow-up appointments in the Trauma Clinic at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center.

Trauma patients are typically seen in the clinic roughly two weeks after discharge depending on the complexity of the injury. The clinic staff also follows the patient’s progress long-term including reviewing therapy notes, post-concussive progress, and follow-up notes from consultants.

Through our electronic medical records, we are able to network with the other physicians within the Conemaugh Health System to provide a comprehensive plan of care. Through this process, the providers for the patient are current on the patient’s outpatient visits as well as inpatient hospital course.

Our clinic staff provides notification to the patient’s family physician as soon as the patient is admitted to our trauma service. If a Primary Care Physician is out of the Conemaugh network, a summary of the patient’s hospitalization and care is provided after the patient is discharged.