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Laurel Highlands Coaches Clinic 2021

“Playing It Safe”

Focus on enhancing Performance and Safety
July 31st Breakfast at 07:30, conference at 08:00-12:00
Holiday Inn, Johnstown PA.  {Free parking onsite}

The value of sports from youth to adulthood is well documented, unfortunately, injuries are part of the game, and we want to ensure coaches/assistants/ Athletic trainers/school nurses/volunteers have the knowledge and tools to be able to prevent, manage and collaborate with parents if and when an injury occurs to optimize recovery.  

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The program is FREE to all participants.  The program starts with a deluxe breakfast and information on methods to fuel the “athletic machine” To thank attendees for their commitment to local youth, all participants will receive a gift designed especially for coaches. In addition, attendees will have an opportunity to win a $500 donation (via raffle drawing) to the non-profit youth sports organization of their choice, sponsored by Conemaugh Health System.

Registration Information: 

  • Please register early, seating is limited to the first 150 participants who register. 
  • Athletic trainer’s breakout session with Dr. Pietropaoli is limited to first 15 registrants

You can register: 

  1. Online by Clicking HERE 
  2. By phone, call Barbara Hull at 814.532.0100 (Option 1)
  3. by Emailing Tom Causer at 

Game Plan:

  • “Strong Start”  Registration and Deluxe informational breakfast by Chef Joe
  • “Fueling the athletic machine”  Nutrition and sports       
  • “We can make them Stronger, Faster, Safer”  Strength and conditioning
  • “Are you hurt or are you Injured?”  Managing an injury when you don’t have a trainer
  • “Put me in Coach”   Concussion prevention/ management/return activity             
  • “Don’t give me that!”   Infection prevention       
  • “I’m calling my lawyer”  Understanding the changing legal environment in youth sports
  • “Time out”  Closing comments/questions                                                                                   

Presentation notes:

Nutrition and sports: Methods to guide the youth athlete on best fluid and nutritional choices to maximize performance and prevent dehydration/injury

Strength and Conditioning:  Best practices to maximize performance, improve safety, and reduce injuries during pre-season, pre-game, and weight room.

Concussion prevention/management/return to activity:  Methods to prevent, identify, and mange an athlete that is at risk or has suffered a concussion.  Reversing the concept of “Cocoon therapy” to active recovery and how the coach can enhance recovery.

Managing an injury/illness when you don’t have a trainer:  Methods to manage the most common illnesses and injuries that occur in athletes in the initial phases.

Infection prevention:  Best practices to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

Understanding the changing legal environment in youth sports: Information on managing situations encountered with athletes, parents, and volunteers that fall outside the realm of coaching.

Athletic Trainers breakout:  Update on best practices for ATc by Dr. Joey, Emergency & Sports Medicine