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Conemaugh Memorial Level 1 Trauma Care Services

If you have an emergency, call 9-1-1.

Trauma Clinic - 814.539.8725(Option 1)

Trauma is the fourth leading cause of death in individuals under the age of 65, and the leading cause of death in patients under the age of 45. It occurs without warning and often results in life altering changes not only for the victim but also the families and communities of the patient. Trauma patients sustain falls, motor vehicle related injuries, gunshot wounds, stabbing injuries, hypothermic injuries, burns and assaults.

Trauma centers are designed to meet the special need of these patients, but only Level 1 Trauma Centers, including Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, are able to provide for all aspects of a trauma patient’s care. Services available at Conemaugh Memorial are the same as services offered in larger cities and have documented excellent outcomes regionally and nationally.

Level 1 Accreditation

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center's Level 1 Regional Resource Trauma Center, located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania is the only Level 1 Trauma Center between Pittsburgh and Hershey, and holds the highest level of accreditation possible. Standards for Level 1 accreditation are established and monitored by The Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation (PTSF). This governing body was created after Pennsylvania became the eighth state in the country to develop a trauma system in 1985.

Trauma Care

Trauma is disruptive and life-altering not only for the victim, but also the patient’s family. Our commitment to providing local trauma care means families are able to stay with their loved one after a traumatic event. Family, which ultimately plays an important role in the patient’s recovery, has convenient access to the patient with minimal long term disruption of their daily lives. Patients seen at outlying community facilities and lower level trauma designated centers can be easily and quickly transferred by ground or air to Conemaugh Memorial for emergent care.

Our Level 1 Trauma Center

The Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center Level 1 Regional Resource Trauma Center serves as the regional tertiary referral center for other regional centers. Educational commitment and resources are provided to all health care providers and professionals within the region to ensure optimal, state of the art care for injured and acutely ill patients throughout the entire spectrum of care from pre hospital providers, nurses, Emergency Medicine physicians and primary care physicians. Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center continues to commit significant resources to maintain excellence in regional trauma care, establishing the services as a pace setter, the standard to which all other regional centers are compared.