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Preparing for Surgery

Each patient will receive procedure information from their surgeon's office including details about what happens before, during, and after surgery. Patients are encouraged to ask questions to ensure understanding.

  • Tests and Examinations - before surgery, laboratory tests, and x-rays may be done. These tests may be different for each patient. Each surgeon will provide test orders specific to the patient.
  • Consent Form - the surgeon will explain the details of surgery, including its benefits and risks. The patient will sign a consent form which gives the surgeon permission to perform the surgery. It is important to ask the surgeon questions to ensure a full understanding of the procedure.
  • Time of Surgery - the time of surgery will be provided to the patient in advance. For inpatients, family or friend should arrive before the surgery. For outpatients, same-day surgery patients, or ambulatory surgery patients, a staff member will call the day before to provide the time of surgery and what time to arrive at the hospital on the day of surgery.
  • Anesthesia - an anesthesiologist is a doctor who administers the medication that puts the patient to sleep during surgery, or gives a local or spinal anesthesia. Patients meet with anesthesia staff prior to surgery to discuss the process, allergies, medications, and if there are any prior issues with anesthesia. 

Types of Surgery

Operating Room Imaging Services

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center:
C-arms for mobile fluoroscopy procedures
​​Advanced vascular operative procedure rooms for TAVR and vascular stenting procedures

Conemaugh Miners Medical Center:
C-arms for mobile fluoroscopy procedures

Conemaugh Nason Medical Center
C-arms for mobile fluoroscopy procedures

HealthBreak: Making the Surgical Experience Safer

Surgery Locations

Conemaugh Physician Group - Surgery
(General, Colorectal, Bariatric, Critical Care / Trauma, Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary)
415 Napoleon Place
Johnstown, PA 15905
Phone: (814) 539-8725
Fax: (814) 539-3906

Conemaugh Meyersdale Medical Center
200 Hospital Drive
Meyersdale, PA 15552
Phone: (814) 539-8725
Fax: (814) 539-3906

Conemaugh Miners Medical Center
290 Haida Avenue
Hastings, PA 16646
Phone: (814) 539-8725
Fax: (814) 539-3906

Conemaugh Somerset Outpatient Center
1291 N. Center Ave.
Somerset, PA 15501
Phone: (814) 539-8725
Fax: (814) 539-3906