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Crichton Rehabilitation Team

Patients and Families

  • Center of the team
  • Actively involved in establishing goals, participating in therapy, and planning for discharge

Physiatrist - Rehabilitation Physician

  • Physician with special training and expertise in restoring maximum function lost through injury, illness, or disabling condition
  • Responsible for directly treatment of the patient

Rehabilitation Nurse

  • Provides 24-hour care for health needs such as pain management, monitoring of medical condition(s), and medication administration
  • Works closely with physical and occupational therapists to aid patient in treatment
  • Educate patient and family in safety, bowel and bladder management, skin care, and information about the patient's specific diagnosis

Physical Therapist

  • Help patients with standing, walking, and navigating in a wheelchair
  • Aid patients to regain strength, endurance, balance, and functional mobility

Occupational Therapist

  • Primarily focuses on the patient's ability to perform activities of daily living including dressing, bathing, homemaking, and bed mobility
  • Aid patients to regain strength, endurance, and coordination
  • Address problem solving skills needed to return to the community

Speech Therapist

  • Treat speech, language, memory problems that may interfere with communication, and swallowing problems which affect eating or drinking

Recreational Therapy

  • Plan activities to help patient return to previous leisure interests or identify new areas of interest

Case Manager

  • Communicates with insurance company and coordinates services 
  • Provides information on resources for funding and / or community assistance programs and services that may be needed by patient upon discharge
  • Serve as central point of contact for questions and provide updates regarding progress to patient and family