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Patient and Family Support

Support Groups

Conemaugh Health System offers a variety of support groups for various illnesses and conditions. Support groups provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and gain new perspectives from others coping with similar circumstances. Support groups help patients learn about his or her condition, provides insight for overcoming challenges, and inspires patients to move forward with the support of others.

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Spiritual Support

Conemaugh Health System offers Spiritual Care Services to aid in a patient's healing process. Each patient's spiritual well-being strongly influences the body's ability to heal, and a positive emotional attitude helps in the recovery process.

Spiritual Care Services

Portable Patient Profile 

The Portable Patient Profile is a snapshot of a patient's medical history, insurance information, and important emergency or healthcare information. Patients carry the profile for appropriate information during an emergency and physician visits. Conemaugh's Rehabilitation team will include information about rehabilitation as requested by the patient.

Conemaugh MyChart Patient Portal

Conemaugh MyChart Patient Portal provides 24/7 access from any computer, smartphone, or tablet for each patient to view his or her personal medical information. Apps are available for iOS and Android users.