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Crichton Rehabilitation Center and Outpatient Clinics

Crichton Rehabilitation Center Inpatient Unit

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center - Lee Campus
320 Main Street
Fourth Floor
Johnstown, PA 15901
Main Phone: (814) 534-7900 or (888) 488-9988
Administration: (814) 534-7922
Admissions: (814) 534-7915

Conemaugh Rehabilitation - Outpatient Clinics

Conemaugh East Hills Outpatient Center
First Floor
1450 Scalp Avenue
Johnstown, PA 15904
Phone: (814) 266-4700

Conemaugh Meyersdale Medical Center
200 Hospital Drive
Meyersdale, PA 15552
Phone: (814) 972-6917

Conemaugh Ebensburg
861 Hills Plaza Drive
Ebensburg, PA 15931
Phone: (814) 472-4468

Conemaugh Miners Medical Center
290 Haida Avenue
Hastings, PA 16646
Phone: (814) 247-3290

Crichton Rehabilitation Center and Outpatient Clinics provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient therapy to help individuals return to independence after surgery, illness, or an accident. Programs, services, highly trained staff, and immediate access to the many resources of the Conemaugh Health System provide the depth and expertise to handle the region's most complicated and complex cases. As the only rehabilitation center in the region to receive accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), patients receive care that has met rigorous national standards.

Crichton Rehabilitation Center provides specialized inpatient rehabilitation services for patients suffering from neurological disorders and injuries, trauma, orthopedic injuries, and many other illnesses and injuries. Crichton Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinics provide physical, occupational, and speech therapies in conjunction with other specialty programs. In addition, Conemaugh provides innovative, hands-on services that are specially designed to help patients successfully re-enter the community after a traumatic injury.

Commitment to Patients

All Conemaugh Rehabilitation team members act in a manner consistent with the mission, philosophy, and operating policies of Crichton Rehabilitation Center and Outpatient Clinics. In accordance with these principles and policies, team members:

  • Treat others, including patients, families, visitors, fellow staff members, and any other person, with respect and dignity, which includes respecting rights to privacy.
  • Provide the highest quality clinical and customer related services.
  • Demonstrate fairness and honesty in all interactions with the public, including accurate portrayal of the programs and services offered, and the outcomes of such programs and services.
  • Adhere to professional codes and practice guidelines.
  • Be ethical in all marketing and public relation activities.

Crichton Rehabilitation Center and Outpatient Clinics promote an ethical environment and maintains a policy of equal opportunity in the admission, treatment, participation in our programs, services and activities, or employment of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, religious creed, disability, ancestry, sex, age, or sexual orientation.


Families of our patients have the opportunity each week to have the patient's soiled laundry exchanged with clean laundry.

A member of the Crichton team will be contacting families, friends, contacts each Monday to schedule the exchange.

            Exchange times: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays between the hours of 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Please provide at least one week's worth of laundry.

Laundry exchanges will be located at the Lincoln Street entrance of Conemaugh's Lee Campus

Please call (814) 534-7922 if you have any questions.


Conemaugh Rehabilitation strives to be the premier provider of innovative rehabilitation services in West Central Pennsylvania that promotes an optimal level of function and ensures the highest quality of life through individualized programs encompassing the family and comprehensive team of compassionate specialists.

The mission is accomplished by following overall program goals:

  • Offer a wide variety of unique and practical programs and services designed to help individuals return to an active lifestyle.
  • Seek input from those we serve so that the program may reflect their needs.
  • Construct and follow a system review of current programs as a means for continual improvement.
  • Employ treatment staff who are competent and seek continuing education.
  • Offer various programs and services to patients with different needs.

Patient Satisfaction

More than 95% of Conemaugh Rehabilitation patients are highly satisfied with the care they receive at Crichton Rehabilitation Center and Outpatient Clinics. To address any problem as soon as it may arise, Conemaugh Rehabilitation has established an “Open Door” policy, and encourage patients and their families to contact staff at any time with questions, issues, or comments.