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Family Medicine Services

Complete list of Conemaugh Physician Group - Primary Care Practice locations

Conemaugh Physician Group - Family Medicine physicians are trained to care for patients of all ages throughout every stage of life. Family Medicine physicians, also known as Primary Care Physicians (PCP), offer regular wellness visits, screenings, illness visits and diagnosis, management for chronic conditions, and guidance for proper nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. 

Family Medicine physicians also coordinate referrals to specialists for expertise of certain illnesses or injuries. Family Medicine physicians work closely with specialty physicians to ensure comprehensive care for each patient.


  • Flu shots, allergy injections, and vaccinations 
  • Treatment for colds, sore throats, sinus infections, fever,  flu, and other minor illnesses 
  • Newborn, well-child, and adolescent care 
  • Adult and geriatric care 
  • Ear, nose, and throat care 
  • Health screenings including cholesterol, vision, hearing, blood pressure, blood sugar, and osteoporosis  
  • Physical exams for school, sports, driving tests, or employment 
  • Sports-related injuries 
  • Routine care for women, such as Pap smears and breast exams 
  • Diabetes care and management 
  • Lab work 
  • Psychological services 

Benefits of a Family Medicine Physician

  • Familiar with the physical, emotional, and lifestyle factors that can affect the health and well-being of every member of a patient's family
  • Consistent medical presence through every stage of life
  • Wide range of training allows physician to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions
  • Maintain health records for each patient with ability to follow up on reports from specialists
  • Focus on preventative care by ensuring patients receive important age and health appropriate health screenings including vaccines, colonoscopy, mammography, and prostate exams

Patient Visit Information

Appointment Checklist

  • Bring insurance card, co-payment, and list of all medications, both over the counter and prescription


  • Let nursing staff know if you are currently using or are planning to use a mail order medical supplier
  • Obtain prescriptions from physician at the time of appointment. Only emergency prescriptions will be called in by the nursing staff. 

Emergency Medical Information

  • For non-emergenices, call the primary care physician office before going to the Emergency Department. This decreases wait time and increases knowledge of each patient's medical history.
  • If the situation is life-threatening, call 911 without delay.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

  • To prevent prescription drug abuse and protect the health and safety of the community, the Pennsylvania Department of Health collects information on all filled prescriptions for controlled substances. Controlled substances are drugs that have the potential for abuse or dependence. This information helps health care providers safety prescribe controlled substances and helps patients receive appropriate treatment.
  • For information about addiction treatment, visit or call (717) 783-8200.
  • For additional information, visit

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