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Pre-Hospital Services and Transporting Patients

Patients arrive at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center via MedStar air medical helicopter, Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART), or through a community-based ambulance service. These experienced transport teams are equipped to move patients of all ages, including trauma patients needing services by Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center's Level 1 Regional Trauma Center and newborns who need the advanced services of Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center's Regional Intensive Care Nursery.


MedStar is an air medical program with dedicated years of service throughout southwestern and central Pennsylvania. The program's helicopters are based locally and can transport patients from anywhere within an 11-county region.

Its flight team includes registered nurses and certified paramedics experienced in critical care and advanced life support. During flight, these professionals are in constant contact with Conemaugh Memorial's Level 1 Regional Resource Trauma Center, allowing for up-to-the-second care. A Neonatologist, a physician specializing in the care of ill or injured newborns, and neonatology nurses accompany the MedStar team when newborns are transported to Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center.

Disaster Assistance Response Team

The Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) is based at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center and assists area emergency medical system (EMS) providers when local ambulance services are in use or otherwise limited. DART paramedics respond 24 hours a day and are dispatched upon request by the local 911 dispatch center. Conemaugh Memorial's DART vehicle is equipped for specialized emergency care, including specific cardiac medications, nitrous oxide and extensive supplies for multiple casualty incidents.