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Plastic Surgery Process

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All patients meet to discuss surgery options with a Conemaugh Physician Group - Plastic Surgery physician. This important step ensures patients have all questions answered and fully understand the procedure. Consultations with our plastic surgeons include, but are not limited to, primary concerns and evaluation of patient, options available, likely outcomes, risks and potential complications, course of treatment, and answers to questions regarding the procedure.


Each patient's health and personal outlook can greatly impact the outcome of surgery. To ensure success of the procedure, safety, and satisfaction, patients are asked to speak candidly about expectations, share concerns, and fully disclose health history including medications, allergies, medical treatments, and use of vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. Some patients may experience anxiety prior to surgery, including excitement for anticipated outcomes or preoperative stress. These feelings should be discussed with the physician.

Preparing for Surgery

Patients will receive extensive information about the procedure from Conemaugh Physician Group - Plastic Surgery physicians and staff. Prior to surgery, patients are given specific instructions that may include diagnostic treatment and medications, day of surgery instructions and medications, anesthesia information, postoperative care information, and follow-up instructions.

Following Surgery

Patients must be accompanied by an adult companion to be discharged after surgery. Specific instructions will be given to the patient and may include proper care for the surgical site, medication, side effects or complications to watch for, and a date for a follow-up appointment.

Progress and Healing

Patients will receive information regarding important steps for a successful healing process. Additional information and clarification after discharge is available by contacting Conemaugh Physician Group - Plastic Surgery.