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Main Pharmacy: (814) 534-9566

Employee Prescriptions Only: (814) 534-9565

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center's Pharmacy Department is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by registered pharmacists, certified pharmacy technicians, and support personnel who handle all hospital pharmacy needs. The Pharmacy also utilizes a full automated order entry system technology with bar code scan technology allowing for increased accuracy and patient safety.

Click here to learn about the Conemaugh Pharmacy Residency Program

Employee Pharmacy Prescription Service

Conemaugh Health System's employee prescription service includes the ability to receive a text or email when a prescription is ready for pick-up. Contact the Pharmacy at (814) 534-9565 or talk with a pharmacy technician to enroll.

Employees can also refill prescriptions through a prescription service mobile app, MobileRx. After downloading the app, search for Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center using the phone number (814) 534-9565 in the search option.