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Trigeminal Neuralgia                      

Trigeminal Neuralgia is the inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve is responsible for facial sensations and motor functions, such as biting and chewing. Trigeminal neuralgia can cause facial pain or burning that lasts a few seconds to a few hours. The exact cause is unclear, but is believed to be from the loss of myelin (nerve cell covering).

Trigeminal neuralgia is diagnosed by a neurological exam and physical testing.

Treatment and management options include single medications or a combination of medications that block the neuropathic pain. Surgery can be an option for some patients. 

Surgeries include:

  • Microvascular decompression
  • Balloon compression
  • Glycerol injections
  • Thermocoagulation
  • Radiation therapy

Consultation with a neurologist for the best treatment is essential.