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Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center
Level 3 Regional Intensive Care Nursery

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center offers the highest level of care for premature and ill newborns through its Level 3 Regional Intensive Care Nursery. The unit provides medical, surgical, and pulmonary care. 

When baby arrives in the Regional Intensive Care Nursery, diagnostic studies and treatment begin immediately. Many times, a newborn's organs are not mature enough to sustain life. It may be necessary to intervene with life-support systems until baby gains enough strength to survive without medical assistance. Conemaugh's RICN staff explains each piece of equipment and its purpose to parents.

Our Team

  • Neonatologist, a pediatrician who specializes in the care of sick newborns
  • A nurse manager, who facilitates, evaluates and coordinates the daily operation of the RICN
  • Certified Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (CRPN's), and Physician Assistants who coordinate and direct the care of infants under the supervision of the neonatologist
  • Registered Nurses (RNs), who provide hands-on care for all infants
  • Occupational and speech therapists to help strengthen and monitor your baby’s developmental  progress
  • Social service representatives, who can provide information on financial resources and transportation
  • Clerical Staff and Nursing Assistant, the first staff members that all visitors talk with at the RICN reception desk or via phone; responsible for ensuring patient safety by approving visitors for entry to the unit


Families and friends are welcome to spend time with a new mother and her baby. A nurse will instruct visitors how to properly wash hands before each visit. For safety reasons, visitors must sign in before entering the nursery. There may be times when visitors need to wait before entering the nursery, or may be asked to leave, during medical emergencies or procedures. The nursing staff will provide additional information.

Visitors are limited to two at the bedside - one parent and one visitor. Hospital policy requires that children must be over the age of 13 to visit, unless a sibling. Staff members are not permitted to discuss the infant's condition with visitors. Visitors are not permitted to hold, feed, or touch the infant unless a parent or grandparent. 

Parents, Siblings, and Grandparents

  • Parents have unlimited visiting privileges and should remain at the infant's bedside. 
  • Siblings of the baby who are over two years of age may visit. Please have a nurse explain the sibling visiting policy before the first planned visit.
  • Grandparents must be accompanied by the infant's parents. Please limit visitors at the baby's bedside to two (one grandparent and one parent) at a time. Since grandparents may visit any time with parents, we ask that they do not visit during the friends / relatives visiting times. Grandparents may touch and hold the baby for a short period, and are permitted to feed, bathe, or render any other care at the discretion of the parents and nursing staff.

Other Family Members and Friends

  • Family members and friends are welcome to visit mother and baby. 
  • Weekdays: 10 am – 8 pm
  • Weekends/Holidays:  10 am – 8 pm

Going Home

Babies in the Regional Intensive Care Nursery are discharged when they no longer have emergent medical issues and have reached the following milestones:

  • can maintain a stable body temperature without the help of an isolette
  • can tolerate feedings and gain weight on a regular basis
  • does not have an illness which requires care that only a hospital can provide

Preparation for your baby's discharge begins early during hospital stay. Parents are taught all aspects of baby's care and written instructions will be included in baby's discharge information.