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Labor and Delivery

at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center

If you feel you are experiencing an emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Arriving at the Hospital

6 am to 9 pm - Enter hospital through Emergency Department on Osborne Street to be escorted to the 5th Floor Maternity Department by hospital staff.

9 pm to 6 am - Main hospital doors are locked at 9:00 p.m. to ensure patient safety. Enter hospital through Emergency Department on Osborne Street to be escorted to the 5th Floor Maternity Department by hospital staff.

Expectant mothers should refer to healthcare provider's instructions, but should be seen at the hospital when experiencing any of the following:

  • Membrane ruptures (water breaks). Note amount of fluid, color, odor, and time. Rupture of membranes can be a large gush or just a trickle. If you are unsure, visit the hospital for evaluation.
  • Contractions that are more intense and have a regular pattern even after changing activity.
  • Anytime when a high temperature is present.
  • Vaginal bleeding, excessive vomiting, headache, blurred vision or seeing spots, excessive swelling of hands, face, or eyes, painful or burning sensation during urination, or severe abdominal pain.
  • Noticeable decrease in fetal activity (baby is not moving as usual).

Items to Bring to Hospital

Patients are encouraged to pack personal items in advance to be ready to go when labor begins.

Suggested Items for Mom 

Focal point (an object to concentrate on during labor), nightgowns, robe, socks (for labor), underwear, slippers, nursing bras, going home outfit with comfortable shoes, personal hygiene products (toothbrush, comb, brush, soap, shampoo, feminine hygiene pad products, etc), hair ties to pull hair back during labor, contact lens items, blow dryer / curling iron, camera, and baby book for first footprints.

Suggested Items for Baby

Weather-appropriate outfit for going home, light blankets, infant hat, infant car seat, and baby bag. It is state law to have all infants transported in an infant car seat. Become familiar with the car seat before baby is born and practice putting it in the car. Our certified car seat technicians can evaluate the seat and provide education on proper use.

Reception and Family Waiting Area

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center'sMaternity Department offers a large, welcoming reception area for the comfort of visitors. Family and friends are welcome to stay in the waiting area while mom is in delivery. Coffee and vending machines are available, with a full service cafeteria only an elevator ride away. A play area is available for our youngest guests. Our staff will update family and friends on mom's progress, while maintaining patient confidentiality.

Labor Suites

Conemaugh Memorial's fully equipped labor and delivery suites offer privacy in a home-life environment while providing high-risk emergency options. Each private suite has an infant care area, sleeping area for spouse / significant other, and restroom. Labor suites offer options for relaxation including large walk-in jetted massage showers, a jacuzzi suite, and birthing balls. Conemaugh Memorial's team works with mom and labor coach to provide relaxation, plenty of fluids, and breathing technique practice. Space is available for short walks and television service is provided. 

Comfort Measures

Conemaugh Health System provides natural and medical comfort measures to provide a more pleasant delivery experience for mom. 

Epidural anesthesia is provided to expectant mothers and is available through physician and midwife care. Patients are instructed to visit the anesthesia department during pregnancy to have an health evaluation, ask questions, and consent to anesthesia prior to labor. This assists with providing the ideal patient experience to our expectant mothers through timely assistance for epidurals and cesareans.

Room Amenities

At your request room service for meals is available to mom, with reduced prices for dad / significant other. Free internet services are available for laptop use. 

Operating Room Suites, Pre-Op Holding, and Recovery

Fully equipped operating room suites are available in Conemaugh Memorial's Maternity Department for mothers needing a cesarean delivery. In a moment's notice, experienced anesthesia, operating room, and department staff are ready to assist mom and baby. Post-op recovery is also located in the Maternity Department for comprehensive care in the same unit.