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High Risk Pregnancy

Conemaugh Health System's team is experienced in high risk pregnancy care. Our team is trained to assist mother and baby in times of need with the added education and expertise of a perinatologist, a physician specializing in pre-term and high-risk pregnancy care.

Our perinatologist specializes in the management of pregnancy-induced hypertension, premature labor, premature rupture of membranes, maternal diabetes, recurrent pregnancy loss, teratology, prenatal diagnosis (amniocentesis, CVS, targeted ultrasound), and fetal therapy.

Sophisticated tools are available at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center to help accurately diagnose a high risk pregnancy, including:

  • high-resolution/4-dimensional ultrasound with Doppler capabilities
  • antenatal diagnostic tests, such as amniocentesis or chronic villus sampling (CVS), to evaluate fetal well-being or identify any potential birth defects
  • inpatient management of high-risk OB patients
  • fetal monitor interpretations at off-site locations
  • preconception counseling
  • percutaneous umbilical blood sampling and intrauterine fetal transfusion

Additional support services for high-risk mothers include:

  • nutritional counseling by registered dietitians
  • lactation specialists
  • home health care
  • family and patient support groups
  • social services and pastoral counseling
  • physical therapy and occupational therapy
  • ground and air emergency transportation for mothers and newborns