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PET / CT Scan

PET / CT stands for Positron Emission Tomography and Computer Tomography scans. It is an advanced nuclear imaging technique that helps to reveal information about cells and tissues in the body. PET / CT is used 98% of the time to help diagnose, stage, or restage disease in cancer patients. 


  • Advanced imaging technology
  • Average PET takes 30 minutes, this new technology reduces time to less than 10 minutes
  • Lower dose of radiation
  • Highest resolution available
  • Increased patient comfort and convenience
  • CT scan shows detailed pictures of tissues and organs, while PET shows abnormal cell activity

Equipment and Procedures

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center
       • The only 5-ring PET/CT system in the region
       • Full array of PET/CT imaging available,oncology, neurology, and cardiology
                   ·   NETSPOT and Detectnet imaging for neuroendocrine tumors
                   ·   Axumin, Pylarify, and PSMA for prostate imaging
                   ·   Cardiac perfusion and viability imaging
                   ·   FDG imaging for oncology, inflammation, and neurology applications

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