May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

May 12, 2016

Speech Language Pathology, like other health related fields, offers a wide variety of career options.  Speech and Language Pathologists provide services that can span from birth through death or from coma to community, as noted in literature and coursework required to obtain a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC-SLP).   

Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) with medical expertise and training can be found working with infants.  Our hospital’s RICN refers to the SLP for specialized, evidence-based feeding techniques that can be taught to the parents and then carried over at home.  Transition to the Conemaugh Rehabilitation Clinic at East Hills allows for continuity of care as well as continued progress with feeding and developmental milestones.

SLPs choosing to work in Acute Care Hospitals, Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Units (SELECT), Skilled Nursing Facilities (TCU), Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (Crichton Center), Out Patient Clinics (LEE, East Hills and Ebensburg) and Home Health focus primarily on the rehabilitation of adults.  SLPs develop strategies to assist in prolonging the independence of our growing aged population. 

A concussion or repeated mild concussions can result in lasting memory and learning deficits.   Traumatic Brain injury (TBI) patients benefit from SLP intervention with therapy designed to improve cognitive function and the use of strategies allowing a productive return to work and school. 

SLP therapy sessions focus on adults who have been diagnosed with neurological disorders or damage to the mechanisms that are involved in the production of speech, voice or of the swallowing mechanism.  Considering that major events and holidays involve enjoying food and conversation, the loss of the ability to enjoy either of  these very social activities can alters one’s quality of life.  

The list of services provided by the SLP is extensive and extends beyond our hospital and medical center walls. To recognize and celebrate the services provided by Speech and Language Pathologists May has been named Better Speech and Hearing Month.

Thanks to our SLPs for providing quality clinical care every patient, every time.