Love Is In the Air at Conemaugh Memorial

December 28, 2016

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center welcomed special guests to its facility on December 28, 2016. Greg Brown and Amy Milkovich were joined by family and friends as they pledged their marriage vows during a wedding ceremony held in the Good Samaritan Chapel.

Greg and Amy’s story began from their very first moments of life. The two share the birth date of April 17, and were born within ten minutes of each other at Mercy Hospital, now Conemaugh Memorial. Their mothers had hospital rooms next to each other, and the same physician and nurse delivered both babies.

“It’s fantastic,” says the new Mrs. Brown. “Thankfully, our moms kept all of our baby items so when we started talking more, we realized our connection from birth. It’s amazing.”

The two officially met during the seventh grade in science class when Greg joined Amy’s school. “We didn’t interact much during school,” says Amy. “We had different circles of friends.” They graduated from Westmont Hilltop High School and went separate ways pursuing different careers, with Greg eventually moving to Maryland. At their twenty-fifth high school reunion, Greg and Amy reunited and began a friendship. They connected on social media and casual conversation turned into love. The couple has been together for two years.

“Everything happens for a reason,” adds her husband, Greg. “When I first saw her again at our reunion, it was a deep feeling. I knew I needed to move back to Johnstown and be with her. I believe in relationships like ours. She’s my soul mate. We started our lives at this hospital, it only seems fitting to start our married life together here too.”

Dr. Robert Callahan, Mayor of Westmont, performed the double-ring ceremony. Amy’s 8-year-old daughter, Ariana, served as flower girl and ring bearer.

Mr. & Mrs. Brown live in Johnstown. Greg is a data analyst and Amy is a social studies teacher.