Conemaugh seeks Organ, Tissue, and Eye Living Donors and Recipients to Feature in Donor Recognition Wall

September 17, 2015

Conemaugh Health System’s Donor Advisory Committee is seeking living donors and organ, tissue, and eye recipients who have been positively impacted by the selfless donation of others to be featured in an interactive kiosk at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center's Main Campus Clinical Pavilion. The interactive kiosk was installed in April 2015 as the final implementation phase of Conemaugh's Donor Recognition Wall. Photos on the Wall are updated each April during Donate Life month to honor deceased organ, tissue, and eye donors from the past year.

With the addition of the kiosk, photos and stories of local donors and recipients can be added indefinitely as a permanent component of the Recognition Wall. “It’s important to share both sides of the story,” says Pam Swansboro, Director of Nursing and Chairperson of Conemaugh Donor Advisory Committee. “Living and deceased donors are heroes; recipients carry on their stories. Our goal is to expand the living donors and recipients included in our kiosk to show the positive impact of organ, tissue, and eye donation right here in our communities.”

Donations in 2014 by Conemaugh Health System deceased patients resulted in 16 life-saving organ transplants, 42 cornea transplants, and as many as 1,300 life-enhancing tissue transplants. Additionally, countless individuals may someday benefit from organ and tissues that were recovered from research.

To share your story or the story of a loved one, or for more information, contact Stacy Roberts, Marketing Communications, at or (814) 534-9333, or visit

About the Donor Recognition Wall and Kiosk

The Conemaugh Health System’s Donor Recognition Wall, located on the 3rd floor of the Clinical Pavilion Atrium at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, is dedicated to all individuals who have positively impacted a life through organ, tissue, or eye donation.

Through the help of the Thomas Poliziani Living Legacy Scholarship, by the Pennsylvania Hospital Collaborative in Pittsburgh, Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center was able to receive funding necessary to implement framed photos to honor those who selflessly donated so others could live. These photos on the Donor Recognition Wall are replaced every year to honor organ, tissue, and eye donors from the most recent year. To ensure donors from all years continue to be remembered, a permanent interactive kiosk has been installed, allowing the general public to view past donors, search for loved ones, and remember our heroes.

For questions about participating, please contact Stacy Roberts Marketing Communications: (814) 534-9333 or