Conemaugh Physician Group – OB/GYN Earns Pediatric Echocardiography Reaccreditation by IAC

September 1, 2021

Conemaugh Physician Group - OB/GYN located in Johnstown, was awarded a three-year term of accreditation by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) in Echocardiography in the area of fetal medicine. An echocardiogram is a noninvasive ultrasound study that is commonly used to evaluate heart structure and function.

Each year more than 35,000 infants in the United States are born with congenital heart defects, making it the most common and critical type of birth defect. Congenital heart defects cause more deaths during the first year of life than any other birth defect. Due to improvements on diagnosis and treatment, almost all affect children will grow and thrive into adulthood.

“Fetal echocardiograms allow us to identify congenital heart defects from the earliest stages of development, ensuring the best plan of treatment for the baby,” said Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist Adib Khouzami, MD.

The IAC indicates that Conemaugh Physicians Group – OB/GYN has undergone an intensive application and review process and it found to be in good standing with the published standards. A detailed self-evaluation followed by a thorough review by a panel of medical experts allows the IAC accreditation process to enable both critical operational and technical components of the facility to be assessed.

Established in 1991, the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) is a nonprofit, nationally recognized accrediting organization, founded by medical professionals to advance appropriate utilization, standardization and quality of diagnostic imaging and intervention-based procedures. IAC provides accreditation programs for vascular testing, echocardiography, nuclear/PET, MRI, diagnostic CT, dental CT, carotid stenting, vein treatment and management, cardiac electrophysiology, and cardiovascular catheterization. The IAC programs for accreditation are to ensure quality patient care and promoting health care.