Conemaugh Nason Medical Center Launches Epic

June 15, 2021

Conemaugh Nason Medical Center has launched Epic, a leading-edge electronic health records system, to provide a platform for integrated care and to ensure patients have convenient digital access to their health information.

Epic is used by more than 90% of the nation’s largest and top-ranked health care institutions which are working collaboratively every day to improve patient care, innovate healthcare delivery, and achieve financial health. The switch to Epic will streamline services between Conemaugh Nason and other facilities and providers within the Conemaugh Health System, and improve coordination of scheduling, clinical applications, and billing.

All organizations using Epic can exchange data with other interoperable systems, which means that they can easily share patient data for improved patient care. Providers will have the ability to coordinate care with clinicians outside of Conemaugh Health System who serve their patients and their families, closing care gaps and reducing duplication. As the leader in interoperability, Epic will enable providers to easily exchange data for improved continuity of care.

Patients benefit from the use of MyChart, a portal that allows patients and their designated caregivers to access their health information, communicate with providers, schedule appointments, and access health information via a computer or the MyChart smartphone app. 

“Epic makes it easier for our providers to communicate and access the information they need to care for their patients,” said Tim Harclerode, CEO of Conemaugh Nason Medical Center. “Epic’s platform will also improve direct communication with our patients, who can interact with their providers easily and efficiently to manage routine care.”

Patients can register for MyChart, by calling 814.269.5100 (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or by visiting