Conemaugh Meyersdale Earns ACR Accreditation for Ultrasound

June 22, 2018

(L-R): Conemaugh Meyersdale’s ultrasound technicians Erin Wain, Beverly Shaffer, and Stephanie Smith

Conemaugh Meyersdale Medical Center's Ultrasound Program recently was awarded a three-year term of accreditation as a result of an extensive review by the American College of Radiology (ACR) during a recent on-site survey.  Ultrasound imaging, also known as sonography, uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of internal body parts to help providers diagnose illness, injury or other medical problems.

"We scored extremely well with no deficiencies and no recommendations," Conemaugh Meyersdale's Imaging Manger, Mark Meekins, said.   “I’m very proud of our skilled ultrasound technicians and their strict adherence to the department’s policies and procedures.”  

Meekins stated that the accreditation process can be very rigorous, and his staff closely follows the ACR guidelines to ensure Conemaugh Meyersdale is providing the highest standards in ultrasound possible.  “We are committed to delivering the most accurate results without sacrificing patient safety, care and comfort," Meekins said.

The ACR is a national organization servicing more than 37,000 radiologists, radiation oncologists, and medical physicists, with programs on the practice of radiology and delivery of comprehensive health services.  The ACR Committee on Ultrasound Accreditation evaluates and accredits ultrasound practices in hospital and in private offices across the United States.

Conemaugh Meyersdale was awarded for the achievement of high practice standards after a voluntary evaluation of the department.  ACR recognizes only those facilities meeting ACR Practice Parameters and Technical Standards, following a peer-review evaluation by board-certified physicians and medical physicists who are experts in the field. Image quality, personnel qualifications, adequacy of facility equipment, quality control procedures and quality assurance programs are assessed.  The findings are reported to the ACR Committee on Accreditation, which subsequently provides the practice with a comprehensive report that can be used for continuous practice improvement.