Conemaugh Memorial Recognized for CPR Staff Training

May 29, 2019

Photo: Todd Baker, Impact Manager for the RQI program, presents certificate to Mindy Stohon, Christina Pallo, and Gayle Denk, all from the Conemaugh Learning Institute, Continuing Education Department.

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center has been recognized for commitment to competency in high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for employees. The Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI) Program is a joint-venture of the American Heart Association and Laerdal Medical, united with a shared live saving goal and ensuring standard of care in hospital resuscitation.

Six manikin carts have been installed around the Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center main campus. The manikins are attached to computers where employees sign into their personal account prior to the demonstration. Once the employee performs CPR on the manikin, the system gives the employee feedback on pass rate and what can be done to improve.

The goal for staff is to master high quality CPR with more frequent practice and real-time feedback. RQI gives Conemaugh employees the opportunity to enhance their skills through frequent practice. This leads to more confidence and better outcomes in a medical emergency situation. Employees that are required to be CPR certified for their job must complete the training each quarter.

“Our compliance rate with the program after two quarters is 99.75%, which is outstanding,” said Gayle Denk, Manager of Medical Staff Support Services at Conemaugh Memorial. “We implemented Basic Life Support (BLS) on RQI in July 2018, and have seen staff improvement with our rate and depth of compressions.”

The state goal is to implement the RQI technology in 90% of hospitals by 2020, which is projected to save over 50,000 lives through hospital resuscitation. Learn more about the RQI Program at