Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center Earns National Reaccreditation as an American College of Surgeons Accredited Education Institute

February 28, 2017

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center’s Medical Skills Learning Center has been reaccredited as a comprehensive – Accredited Education Institute (AEI) by the American College of Surgeons (ACS). An ACS-AEI addresses the educational needs of a broad spectrum of learners and advances the science of simulation-based education.

The overall goals of the ACS-AEI program are to enhance surgical patient safety, support surgeons’ maintenance of certification requirements, address the competencies that all surgeons and surgical residents need to achieve and demonstrate, and enhance access to contemporary surgical education. AEIs provide learners an opportunity to obtain and practice new skills, and receive immediate feedback without compromising patient safety or comfort. AEIs also conduct innovative research to advance simulation-based surgical education.

The AEI accreditation program is a voluntary peer-review process. Institutions that successfully complete the process are accredited for a period of three years. To remain accredited for another three years, an institution continues to demonstrate compliance with thirty-one Criteria in four Standards; Learners and Scope of Educational Programs; Curriculum Development, Delivery of Effective Education, and Assessment; Administration, Management and Governance; and Advancement of the Field.

There are two levels of accreditation, Comprehensive and Focused, each with specific requirements. The level of accreditation status differs based, in part, on the focus of the educational program, the learners served, the curriculum offered, and the technological support and resources available. As a comprehensive AEI, Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center’s Medical Skills Learning Center provides a comprehensive program which educates a minimum of four learner groups, develops original curricula, offers a broad spectrum of education programs, and has the resources and physical space necessary to conduct its educational activities. The institute is also dedicated to the advancement of the field through research and scholarly activities.

“Re-Accreditation by the ACS demonstrates Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center's continued commitment to physician, provider, and employee education which results in high quality care for our patients,” says Dr. Richard Wozniak, Medical Skills Learning Center Advisory Committee Chairperson. “Last year’s statistics indicate 4,900 health care professionals were trained in the Medical Skills Learning Center at Conemaugh.”