Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center and Somerset Hospital to Collaborate on Transitioning Maternity Services

September 2, 2016

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center and Somerset Hospital are working collaboratively to ensure a smooth transition for maternity patients at Somerset Hospital, following an announcement made earlier today regarding Somerset Hospital’s decision to close its obstetrical unit.

Somerset Hospital announced that the maternity unit will close within 60-days, following a decision by Dr. Charles Camacho to join Conemaugh OB/GYN in order to share on-call time with other physicians.

“Somerset Hospital has always taken pride in providing mothers and their babies with highly experienced and compassionate medical and nursing care,” says Craig Saylor, Chief Executive Officer of Somerset Hospital. “However, without a complete healthcare team in place, the hospital recognizes that it will no longer be able to provide obstetrical services. Somerset Hospital will continue to offer gynecology surgery services. We are working closely with Conemaugh and Dr. Camacho to ensure a positive transition of care for our maternity patients.”

Both Somerset and Conemaugh are committed to continuing to provide convenient, prenatal, post-natal and gynecology services in the Somerset community. Dr. Camacho will keep his office at 126 East Church Street in Somerset.

Conemaugh Memorial is prepared to handle deliveries for Somerset patients. “We are excited to welcome new patients to our practice,” says Dr. Adib Khouzami, maternal fetal medicine specialist and Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Conemaugh. “Work has been underway to increase staffing and accommodations to ensure a safe, comfortable, convenient, and positive experience for all patients who choose to deliver at Conemaugh.”

In addition to welcoming Dr. Camacho to the practice, Conemaugh has welcomed two new OB/Gyn physicians recently. Dr. D. Barnas joined the practice in December of 2014 and Dr. J. Azar joined in July. Another new OB/GYN provider and a second perinatologist, specializing in high risk patients, will join the practice later this year. “Dr. Camacho will be a great addition to our team,” adds Dr. Khouzami. “We have a wonderful group of physicians, nurse midwives and nurse practitioners as well as experienced staff. All of us look forward to welcoming new patients.”

Conemaugh Memorial’s maternity program is backed by the resources of Conemaugh’s Level 3 Regional Intensive Care Nursery which provides the highest level of care for premature and ill newborns.

“Conemaugh and Somerset have worked together for years providing services for high-risk patients,” says Dr. Khouzami. “So we are already working with many of these patients and are familiar with their cases and their medical needs.”

“Dr. Camacho has served our community for over a decade and has provided outstanding obstetric and gynecological care,” adds Saylor. “We extend a sincere thank you to him and his staff for their dedication to our hospital and community. Somerset Hospital will work closely with Dr. Camacho and the Conemaugh Health System to assure prenatal, post-natal and gynecology services remain in our community.  Plans to provide these services will be announced as finalized.”

Patients with birth-related emergencies will be cared for in the Hospital’s Emergency department where staff will receive birthing related training, or when possible transported to another hospital.