Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center Adds New PET/CT Scanner: Scans in Half the Time with Half the Radiation Dose

December 29, 2017

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center has invested in new PET/CT technology that benefits patients by providing a high quality image in half the time with half the radiation.

“The Discovery IQ PET scanner is the latest technology on the market and we are excited about the benefits it brings to our patients,” says Dr. John Wherthey, Radiologist at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center. “The average PET scan takes about 30 minutes but with this new technology the scan should take less than 10 minutes. The advanced technology also provides a much lower dose of radiation. It still provides the highest resolution available so we do not have to sacrifice image quality for patient comfort and convenience.”

PET-CT stands for Positron Emission Tomography and Computer Tomography scans. It is an advanced nuclear imaging technique that helps to reveal information about cells and tissues in the body. PET/CT is used 98% of the time to help diagnose, stage or restage disease in cancer patients.

“The image quality with this technology is truly excellent,” adds Dr. William Herbick, Radiologist at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center. “This will allow us to detect smaller lesions that may not have been as easy to spot with older technology.”

“This technology is so important to us in helping us detect cancer and determine the best course of treatment,” says Dr. Ibrahim Sbeitan, Oncologist and Medical Director of the Conemaugh Cancer Care Center. “The CT scan shows detailed pictures of the tissues and organs inside the body while the PET shows abnormal cell activity. Capturing these images in a single scan provides the detailed information we need to best treat the patient and determine how well the cancer treatment is working.”

The new PET/CT will open to patients the first week of January 2018.