Conemaugh Launches Program to Further Assist Trauma Patients

April 18, 2019

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center has added a specialized trauma care clinic for geriatric patients called the SMART clinic - Senior Management of Agility and Rehabilitation in Trauma patient. The patients will be referred through the trauma service line. Any patient over the age of 65 and has had sustained a fall, a motor vehicle collision, or balance related injury will be a candidate for the SMART clinic.

SMART clinic has the goal to provide an organized approach to the management of fracture postoperative care, ensure compliance and safety for patients, and to provide a means of obtaining osteoporosis screening, and medications. In addition to the fracture care and osteoporosis screening, the SMART clinic will be utilized to reevaluate patients who are at risk for a subsequent fall, balance disorder, or those at risk related to lack of functionality due to bed rest or inactivity over extended periods of time. Patients will be evaluated on their physical strength, agility, and need for further physical therapy, and or medication adjustments. 

The SMART clinic is another step to ensure trauma patients have the best care possible. “In the future we hope to expand and include patients who can be referred by a physician for an evaluation,” said Kim Gorman, CRNP, Trauma Services. “The plan is to start out with the trauma patients and expand into primary care. However if there is a physician who wants to refer patient to the trauma clinic we would not decline them even in the early stages of this transition.”

The program will also soon accept patients who are less than 65 years of age who have sustained injuries from a fall or have a condition such as Parkinson's that predisposes them to a fall risk, as well as those patients who have or are at risk for osteoporosis. Providing education in the evening hours is another way of expanding this process.

Conemaugh Medical Center is a Level One trauma center, and is required to have immediately available all resources to stabilize and definitively treat even the most complex traumatic injuries. Transfer of patients occurs only on rare occasions when an extremely specialized service is required, but this is rare. An extensive process improvement program to ensure the highest quality is required as well as to continuously monitor the process of accessing and delivering the highest quality patient care.

Learn more at, or contact Trauma Services at (814) 534-9671 or the Trauma Clinic at (814) 539-8725.