Conemaugh Health System Recognized by PA Rural Health Office Rural Health Program of the Year – Conemaugh Nason Cath Lab Rural Health Leader of the Year – Barbara Duryea

November 29, 2019

Conemaugh Health System is pleased to announce the acceptance of two awards from the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health for 2019. Congratulations to Conemaugh Nason Medical Center’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab being recognized as Rural Health Program of the Year; and Barbara Duryea, MSN, RN, CPHQ, Community Rural Health Leader of the Year.

The awards are being presented during Pennsylvania Rural Health Week which occurs November 18 – 22. National Rural Health Day is November 21, 2019 (#powerofrural). The Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health (PORH) works with local, state, and federal partners to achieve equity in, and access to, quality health care for Pennsylvania’s rural residents (

Rural Health Program of the Year

The Rural Health Program of the Year award recognizes an exemplary health program that address an identified need in a rural community. Criteria used to select this award recipient includes:

  • Demonstrates unique, creative, and innovative approaches
  • Ensures access to the community / intended population with no physical, economic, or social barriers
  • Includes community resources as part of the planning and evaluation process
  • Demonstrates a significant benefit to the target population as measured by evaluation

About Conemaugh Nason’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab

Conemaugh Nason Cath Lab (L to R): Meg Flick, Medhat Zaher, MD, Karma Darnell, Mark Paris, Jenn Shade, Kristen Bender, Heather Maher, Danielle Miller, and Hany Shanoudy, MD.Conemaugh Nason’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab opened in January 2019, and completed its 500th cardiac catheterization in November 2019. The 2,400 square-foot lab is primarily used for patients needing advanced heart care.

Catheterization enables healthcare providers to examine the heart and blood vessels, and is used to look for blockages in arteries, check heart valve function, measure blood flow, and even place stents in arteries when they are narrow or blocked. The on-site lab allows for the patient to stay close to home for procedures.

“Thank you to the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health for awarding us this recognition,” said Tim Harclerode, Chief Executive Officer of Conemaugh Nason Medical Center. “We are so proud to be able to offer cardiac catheterization services to our rural community. This often life-saving technology has proven to be extremely beneficial to our patients, offering immediate access to services that previously required travel time and increased risk because of distance. Our team demonstrates expertise and true commitment to our patients in providing a positive experience with excellent outcomes.”

For questions or information about Conemaugh Nason’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab, call 814.224.2141.

Community Rural Health Leader of the Year

The Community Rural Health Leader of the Year award recognizes an outstanding leader who has organized, led, developed, or expanded an exemplary multi-dimensional rural community health program or initiative. Criteria used to select this award recipient includes:

  • Demonstrates / providers leadership to the rural community health program
  • Uses comprehensive, unique approaches to address a specific health issue
  • Works with other relevant community organizations and / or uses relevant resources to develop or expand a program that address health issues affecting rural Pennsylvania.

About Barbara Duryea, MSN, RN, CPHQ

Presentation for Community Leader (L-R): Bill Caldwell, Chief Executive Officer for Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, Terri Klinefelter, Outreach Coordinator Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health, Barbara Duryea, award recipient, Jennifer Edwards, Deputy Director Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health, and Jelden Arcilla, Chief Nursing Officer, Conemaugh Memorial.

The Health Promotion Council promotes health, and prevents and manages chronic diseases, such as diabetes. Barbara Duryea, MSN, RN, CPHQ is a Clinical Support Manager at Conemaugh Health System. She oversees programs that focus on chronic disease prevention and management, including the Conemaugh Diabetes Institute. The Institute has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association and the Centers for Disease Control for its work in diabetes awareness, prevention, and management.

“I am deeply honored to receive this special recognition,” said Duryea. “The diabetes epidemic has created a healthcare crisis. Our Conemaugh Diabetse Institute team strives to empower and engage community members in evidence-based diabetes prevention and management interventions to confront this epidemic.”

“Barb is an exemplary example of how one person can make a difference in a community,” said Jelden Arcilla, Chief Nursing Officer of Conemaugh Health System. “She actively engages with various departments, local organizations, and government agencies to bring the latest diabetes education and outreach to our patients and the community. She consistently gives of her time and talents to shine light on this health epidemic and encourage individuals to prevent and manage diabetes. Congratulations, Barb, on this well-deserved recognition.”

Duryea received her undergraduate nursing education from Conemaugh School of Nursing and the University of Pittsburgh. Her graduate nursing degree is from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She holds a national certification in healthcare quality and serves as a master trainer for Stanford University’s chronic disease self-management programs.

To schedule an appointment at the Conemaugh Diabetes Institute, call 814.534.6800