Conemaugh Health System Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Electronic Medical Record System Implementation

October 30, 2017

Conemaugh Health System is celebrating the one year implementation of Conemaugh Connect, a new electronic medical records (EMR) system designed to enhance communication and patient safety.  

"This was a huge undertaking by everyone within our organization, which required dedication, long hours and a willingness to learn something new,” says Steve Tucker, Chief Executive Officer and Conemaugh Connect Governance Committee member. "All employees and physicians of the Conemaugh Health System were involved with, or impacted by, this project. Implementation did not come without challenges but our staff persevered knowing that this system is better for our patients and has the ability to enhance the care we provide.”

Previously, several different computer systems and paper records were used, Through Conemaugh Connect, Conemaugh Health System providers can now access patient information through one, integrated system for services provided at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, Conemaugh Meyersdale Medical Center, Conemaugh Miners Medical Center, and more than 44 Conemaugh Physician Group office locations.

Since going live one year ago, a number of positive results have taken place:

  • Enhanced patient record communication with over 170 medical facilities including 37,000 patient records shared electronically
  • Enhanced Voice-to-text options for physicians to accurately provide detailed care notes
  • Increased physician access through Conemaugh Connect mobile app/ smartphone technology
  • Over 18,000 patients enrolled in the new enhanced patient portal, Conemaugh MyChart
  • 55% reduction in printing – saving 18 million printed pages in one year

Conemaugh MyChart - Online Patient Portal

One of the many features of Conemaugh Connect is an enhanced online patient portal called Conemaugh MyChart. “MyChart allows our patients to access their medical records and become more engaged in their healthcare plan," says Dr. Susan Williams, Chief Medical Officer and Conemaugh Connect Steering Committee member. "This is a tremendous benefit for patients who can now access information about health diagnosis, medications, allergies, immunizations and preventative care. The patient portal helps to strengthen the relationships between patients and care providers."

Additional features of Conemaugh MyChart include the ability to request appointments, view test results, request medication refills, send secure messages to physician office staff, track data in flow sheets, and pay physician bills online. To learn more about Conemaugh MyChart, or to request access, visit

Conemaugh Connect is powered by Epic, based in Verona, Wisconsin. Epic is leading edge in the field of electronic medical record and healthcare information technology solutions. Conemaugh is part of the elite ranks of nationally-recognized healthcare institutions that have partnered with Epic including Duke Medicine, Cleveland Clinic, Geisinger Health System, and Johns Hopkins Medicine.