Conemaugh and 1889 Foundation Recognize Local Schools for Stop the Bleed Education Efforts

June 12, 2018

Dr. Russell Dumire, Medical Director of Trauma Services and Trauma Surgeon - Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, Quenna Kist - Conemaugh Valley School Distrcit Nurse, Dave Rykala - Conemaugh Valley School Board Member, Dr. David Lehman, Conemaugh Valley School District Superintendent, and Nathan Menhorn, Conemaugh Valley teacher.

Conemaugh Health System Trauma Services and the 1889 Foundation recently recognized Berlin Ambulance and Conemaugh Valley School District with the 1889 Foundation Community Service Award for their efforts in educating individuals on the Stop the Bleed national campaign. The award was developed to recognize individuals, groups, and organizations who have gone above and beyond to make the community safer.

Berlin Ambulance Department
Members of Berlin Ambulance volunteered to be one of the first services to assist in completing the Stop the Bleed program at Berlin Area School District, followed by additional schools. They completed the entire Stop the Bleed program at Shanksville / Stoneycreek school and secured all equipment, provided lectures, completed demonstrations, and returned to the school for practice sessions.

Conemaugh Valley School District
Upon learning of the program, Conemaugh Valley School District immediately completed the program. School nurse Quenna Kist coordinated the program for the entire school district. Kist became a certified Stop the Bleed educator and provided instruction for the school district’s entire staff. Acknowledging that children’s safety does not end at the front door of the school, efforts were taken one step further to educate bus drivers of the students. A breakfast lunch and learn was provided to all bus drivers for the district where education and equipment for buses was provided.

Conemaugh’s trauma services team and the 1889 Foundation collaboratively educate the community regarding the national Stop the Bleed campaign in the region. The program is designed to train individuals on providing life-saving medical assistance to victims with bleeding wounds from school shootings and other traumatic events until first responders arrive to provide additional care.

The 1889 Foundation provides funding to assist in developing, instituting, and supplying equipment to all schools in local communities. To date, the partnership between Conemaugh and the Foundation has provided education to over 95% of the schools in Cambria, Somerset, and neighboring communities, as well as general community education.

The awards were presented during the Keystone Trauma and Emergency Management summit in May.