ATSPA Presents 2020 Recognition Awards

December 22, 2020

The American Trauma Society, Pennsylvania Division (ATSPA) held the 2020 Recognition Awards Presentation today. Each year, ATSPA recognizes physicians, nurses, EMTs, first responders and civilians who demonstrate a commitment to excellence in the trauma prevention and treatment field. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the presentation was held virtually.

“These awardees sacrifice so much for their communities and deserve to be recognized for their efforts,” said Krista Brands, ATSPA CEO. “ATSPA would like to thank not only our award recipients, but all healthcare workers and first responders for their bravery, support and continued pledge to make Pennsylvania safer.”

The Trauma Prevention Recognition Award is given to an individual or community group who goes above and beyond in committing to trauma prevention programming. Tom Causer, from Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, was one of the 2020 recipients for this award.

The Dr. John M. Templeton, Jr. Physician Award for the Commitment to Excellence in Trauma Care is given to a physician who has displayed a commitment to excellence in trauma care in the following areas: clinical expertise, philanthropy, leadership, trauma-related research and trauma prevention and education. The 2020 recipient is Russell Dumire, MD, FACS, also from Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center.

Dr. Dumire and Tom Causer provided this joint statement: “The award is a reflection of the commitment to trauma care and the region from our coworkers/trauma team/and healthcare system.  No single individual can accomplish the goals. ‘Each of us needs all of us’"   

The American Trauma Society, Pennsylvania Division (ATSPA) is a non-profit organization committed to trauma prevention and mitigation through education and advocacy. Our work includes providing presentations and educational materials on many trauma prevention topics, including concussions, water safety, senior falls, bike safety, traffic safety and much more.

Awardee Background Information

Tom Causer, RN, BSN, RRT, HP, of Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center
Causer has been an instrumental advocate, curriculum designer, coordinator, and instructor in the Stop the Bleed program provided through Conemaugh Health System. Causer incorporates his own journey as both a trauma nurse and EMT through the explanation of best practices to prevent excessive bleeding and to illustrate how techniques have evolved over time.  Over just two short years, the Conemaugh Stop the Bleed program provided educational presentations to every public school within Cambria County; and did not stop there.  They have expanded their efforts to include schools in surrounding counties as well as private schools and first responders. Causer has been instrumental in ensuring that all schools that received training, also received Stop the Bleed tourniquet kits.

Dr. Russell Dumire, MD, FACS, of Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center
Dr. Dumire serves as the Trauma Medical Director and Chief of Surgery at Conemaugh memorial Medical Center.  He joined the staff at Conemaugh after serving in the United States Air Force.  According to his colleagues at Conemaugh, Dr. Dumire always remains calm and provides a needed sense of control for all staff members in response to a trauma. His drive for improvement, and never accepting the thought “well, that is the way it always has been”, has guided numerous process improvement and research projects. Currently, he is involved in over 2 dozen active research projects as primary investigator to mentoring surgical residents and trauma staff. Dr. Dumire has developed educational programs with the goal of improving care from school injury prevention clinics, to managing severe traumatic brain injuries. Often, Dr. Dumire attends outreach programs at local fire stations, EMS facilities, schools, and community organizations.  According to his colleagues, “the region has a stronger trauma system, from prevention, pre-hospital care, acute care management, and a safe return home, thanks to Dr. Dumire.”