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Patient Satisfaction Surveys: HealthStream

At Conemaugh Health System, we have always been dedicated to improving the health of our community. Healthcare is going through many changes, but our commitment to our patients and families never changes. Part of that commitment is learning how we can provide the best possible patient experience for every patient, every time.

Patient feedback is extremely important to us. That is why we partnered with HealthStream, Inc. to survey our patients after discharge. HealthStream is the nation's leader in healthcare surveying and has extensive experience in interacting with healthcare employees, physicans and patients.

Conemaugh Health System has authorized HealthStream representatives to contact our patients after their hospital stay to ask a brief set of questions about their hospital experience. When contacted by HealthStream it is vitally importan to Conemaugh Health System that patients complete the survey with the HealthStream interviewer. This will ensure we are providing all patients with the best possible experience of care, now and in the future.

"The patient survey is a very important piece of national healthcare reform. Completeting the survey not only helps Conemaugh Health System know how we can improve, but it also shows community support for our hospital when we report our results to various agencies and funding sources. Completed surveys, along with good scores, enable us to continue to recieve the resources we need to enhance our services and better meet the needs of our community."