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Fall Prevention

The of Conemaugh Health System staff is to partner with family and friends to prevent patients from falling during their hospitalization.

If your or a loved one has been assessed by the Registered Nurse and determined to be a High Risk for a fall during hospitalization, tools are in place to alert staff and family members that the patient is a high risk for a fall.

  • Look for the yellow falling star when entering the patient’s room.                                                       
  • Your loved one will be wearing a yellow arm band and yellow non-skid slippers.
  • The staff will perform a safety check of the patient’s room, remove obstacles, turn on the bed alarm, or turn on a chair alarm, and place necessary items within the patient’s reach.

Family, Friends, & Visitors - Safety Tips

Notify the staff of your loved one’s needs before he or she gets out of bed:

  • To use the bedside commode
  • To walk to the bathroom
  • To sit in a chair
  • Notify and wait for staff to arrive before getting the patient in/out of bed or chair
  • Notify and wait for staff to arrive before walking patient in their room or hallway.   
  • Always alert the nursing staff before you exit the patient’s room for any reason. The staff will perform safety checks to make sure fall prevention measures are in place upon the family/friends/visitors departure from the patient’s room.