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Uninsured Patients - Policy and Payment

A discount of 60% off of charges is offered to uninsured patients on hospital account balances.

Self Pay Policy

Uninsured population are considered patients who have no insurance coverage.

  • Terminated coverage either due to job termination or uninsured periods during insurance transition.
  • Employed patients who may be in a ‘waiting/grace’ period for insurance.
  • Insured patients where coverage has exhausted. Examples:
    • Therapies (physical, pain, psych) where the annual allotted volume has been used, but, additional services are still needed but not covered, and full charges are being billed.
    • Non-covered services, where the medical insurance does not cover certain types of services, e.g. psych services, emergency, pain clinic, routine screenings.
    • Non-covered services, where the condition is considered pre-existing and fully denied by current insurance.

The uninsured discount is published on patient statements and pre-calculated listing total charges and discounted amounts to be paid by the patient.

Uninsured discounts are not considered on the following services; cosmetic surgeries, bariatric services, or other pre-negotiated services where formal letters of agreement exist.

For more information or assistance, please call Customer Service:

Hospital Billing: 1-888-480-3539 or (814) 410-8470

Physician Billing: 1-800-865-0794 or (814) 410-8300

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm.