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2017 Holiday Greetings from Conemaugh Health System

Click on the links below to hear holiday greetings from Conemaugh Health System employees. All recordings are featured on Froggy95 (95.5) radio station through Forever Broadcasting this holiday season. Thank you to all employees who participated!

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center

7 Ashman, Sarah and 7 Rose, Abigail
7 Rose, Jason and PCU, Brandon
8 Rose and Joint AdVentures
Amy Bradley, Marketing Communications
Amy Oliveros, Radiology Administration
Antoinette Allen and Michael Stoskey, Telecommunications
Audrey Hockycko, Nursing Administration
Ben Policicchio, Architecture
Bobbie Hunt and Theresa Hoffman, Crichton Rehabilitation Center
Brenda, Physical Therapy
Bruce, Patient Access
Cardiac Cath Lab
Cardiac Rehab, Barb
Cardiac Rehab, Dee
Cardiac Rehab, Kim
Cardiac Rehab, Michelle
Cardiac Services Department
Case Management
Central Monitors
Cliff Dull, Radiology
Conemaugh Cancer Care Center
Conemaugh Diabetes Institute
Dan Pyle, Vascular Services
Debbie, Patient Access
Diane Kurchak, Nursing Administration
Dietary, Lee Campus
Dr. Lisa Devineni, School of Nursing and Allied Health Programs
Dr. Yost and Dave, Cardiac Cath Lab
EKG Department
Environmental Service and Mount Aloysius Nursing Students
Environmental Services Department
​Gary, Cardiac Cath Lab
Graduate Medical Education, Nancy, Vicki, and Viola
Haley, Patient Placement and Barb, Nursing Administration
Kathy DeFrehn, Cardiac Cath Lab
Jeannine McMillan and Marcy Brodish, Administration
Jody Babich, Nursing Education
Kris Kalina, Health Sciences Library
Mandy Percinsky, TAVR Coordinator, Cardiovascular Services
Mark Aventi, Environmental Services
Maternity and Regional Intensive Care Nursery
Michael and Chris, School of Nursing and Allied Health Programs
Michelle, Cardiac Cath Lab
Morgan Roberts, Employee Wellness
Occupational Therapy and 9 Ashman
Operating Room
Pam Swansboro, Director of Nursing Practice
Pam Watt, Cardiac and Electrophysiology Labs
Patti Huber-Smith and Dolly Gindlesperger, School of Nursing and Allied Health Programs
Pediatrics Department and Conemaugh School of Nursing Students
Phil, Flower Barn
​School of Nursing and Allied Health Programs
​School of Nursing and Allied Health Programs (2)
Sleep Lab
Speech Therapy Department
Stacy Roberts, Marketing Communications
Surgical and Emergency Residency Programs
Tailey, PCU and John, Patient Transport
Tonya Spada-Dixon, Food and Nutrition
Tracy Spade, School of Nursing and Allied Health Programs
Tracy Yoder, Maternity and Regional Intensive Care Nursery Staff
Trauma Services and Surgery
Trauma Team
Wendy, School of Nursing and Allied Health Programs

Conemaugh Meyersdale Medical Center

Amy Lisha, Surgical Services
Beverly Shaffer, Radiology
Chris, Physical Therapy
Dee Thompson, Nurse Aide
Denise Shesko, Chief Nursing Officer and Fran, Nursing Administration
Jessica Hemming, Patient Access
Joe, Lab and Althea, Dietary
Lori and Ashley, Environmental Services
Lori and Brandy
Marlene, Quality Services
Patty Mishler, RN
Renae and Brady, Radiology
Robin Broadwater, Surgical Services
Robin, Jane, Amy, and Tonya, Surgical Services
Sarah and Mindy
Tonya Miller, Surgical Services

Conemaugh Miners Medical Center

Arlene DeSalvo, Patient Safety and Quality
Debbie Spells-Wilson, Chief Nursing Officer
Housekeeping and Lab
Jessica Svidergol, Director of Nursing
Radiology, Deb and Debbie
Radiology, Julie, Beth, Marcia, and Nathan
Respiratory and Dietary
Respiratory, Medical Surgical Unit, and Emergency Department
Ultrasound, Catherine, Katie, and Brianna
Wound Clinic

Conemaugh Nason Medical Center

Business Office
Emergency Department and Outpatient Lab
Environmental Services and Pharmacy
Diane, Facilities
Heidi Kreider, Marketing
Larry, Chaplain
Medical Records and Operating Room
Medical Surgery Unit and Imaging Department
Michelle Buttry, Chief Nursing Officer
Michelle Beaver
Occupational Health and Special Delivery
Nicole, Patient Access
Sherry, Patient Access
Tim Harclerode, Chief Executive Officer

Conemaugh Physician Group

Conemaugh Ebensburg Care Center - Elise, Jane, Karen, and Dan
Conemaugh Ebensburg Industrial Park - Dr. Clapper's Office
Conemaugh Ebensburg Jamesway Road - Heidi and Ashley
Conemaugh Ebensburg MedWELL
Conemaugh Medical Park - Linda
Conemaugh Physician Group
Conemaugh Physician Group - Cardiology - Jamie, Danelle, and Sharon
Conemaugh Physician Group - Cardiology - Linda and Amber
Conemaugh Physician Group - Cardiology - Katrina, Lee Ann, and Debbie
Conemaugh Physician Group - Cardiology - Linda and Erica
Conemaugh Physician Group - Cardiology - Lisa
Conemaugh Physician Group - Family Medical Center - Dr. Matt Porter
Conemaugh Physician Group - Family Medical Center, Psychology - Julia, Marc, and Leah
Conemaugh Physician Group - Highlands Family Medicine - Chris
Conemaugh Physician Group - Highlands Family Medicine - Dr. Brennan
Conemaugh Physician Group - Highlands Family Medicine - Group
Conemaugh Physician Group - Ligonier
Conemaugh Physician Group - Ligonier - Dr. McCarthy
Conemaugh Physician Group - Neurology - Dr. Nicholas Lanciano
Conemaugh Physician Group - OB / Gyn
Conemaugh Physician Group - Plastic Surgery - Dr. Rollins
Conemaugh Physician Group - Surgery
Conemaugh Physician Group - Vascular Surgery - Dr. James Tretter