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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Conemaugh Health System is the largest healthcare provider in west central Pennsylvania, serving over a half-million patients each year. Our dedicated clinical and non-clinical staff are committed to providing the ideal patient experience through comprehensive care and attention to our patients' needs. 

Our Mission

Making Communities Healthier.

Our Vision

We want to create places where:

  • People choose to come for healthcare.
  • Physicians want to practice.
  • Employees want to work.

Duke LifePoint Promise

Duke LifePoint promises to engage with our patients and people, lead quality innovation, and advance knowledge to improve health in the communities we serve.

High Five Guiding Principles

  1. Delivering high quality patient care
  2. Creating excellent workplaces for our employees
  3. Supporting physicians
  4. Providing community value
  5. Ensuring fiscal responsibility

Our CARING Values

Always put the patient first
No excuses
Great attitude