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Awards and Recognition

Organization Awards

The hospitals of Conemaugh Health System receive numerous awards, recognitions, and accreditations. 

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Recognize an Employee!

Do you have a positive experience to share? Did a Conemaugh Health System staff member go above and beyond to assist you or a loved one?

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Recognize a Physician!

Conemaugh Health System strives to recognize physicians who routinely give of themselves to enhance the lives of others. The Physician Extra Mile Award recognizes a stand-out physician each month who has gone the extra mile or taken extra time to make the life of a patient, family member, or staff a little bit better.

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LifePoint Health Mercy Award Winners

LifePoint Health’s Mercy Award recognizes one employee from each LifePoint hospital who best exemplifies the spirit and values upon which the company was founded. Named after Scott Mercy, founding Chairman and first Chief Executive Officer, the Mercy Award is the highest honor a LifePoint Health employee can receive. The annual Mercy Award gives hospitals an opportunity to recognize excellence and hold up those who inspire and lead others by their example. 

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Conemaugh Health System Gold Star Winners 

Conemaugh Health System recognizes employees for outstanding commitment to those for whom we care. Every day our patients and their loved ones inspire us to new heights of hospitality, and these employees go above and beyond for those individuals.

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Conemaugh Health System Ideal Patient Experience Hero Award

Conemaugh Health System recognizes employees who make significant contributions in providing the Ideal Patient Experience. These employees consistently embody our values and their behaviors encourage others to view them as role models. They are respected by both peers and management. They take pride in their work and go above and beyond their defined job responsbilities to provide quality services that contribute to the improved health and well being of all individuals we serve. 

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Excellence in Nursing Care Award

The Excellence in Nursing Care Award was created to recognize and honor the exceptional bedside nurses within the Conemaugh Health System. Candidates of the award demonstrate excellence in nursing care, emulate Conemaugh Health System's values, serve as an advocate for their patients and patients' families, and embody the essence of the nursing profession. Award winners demonstrate commitment beyond clinical expertise and serve as effective advocates for patients, families, students, and the nursing profession. They act as role models and are proactive in decision-making. They bring expertise to nursing with a genuine caring attitude and compassion for others, and are respected by others in the organization, bringing pride to their profession.

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