HIV Clinic

Family Medical Center
1086 Franklin Street, E-Building, Johnstown, PA 15905
Phone: (814) 534-9876

Know Your Status
HIV is a treatable medical condition, but you need to know that you have it first.

Who Should Get Tested?

  • Everyone ages 13 to 64 should get tested for HIV at least once
  • If you're pregnant or planning a pregnancy
  • You've had sex with an HIV-positive partner
  • You've had more than one partner since your last HIV test
  • You've shared needles, syringes, or other equipment to inject drugs
  • You've exchanged sex for drugs or money
  • You have another sexually transmitted disease, hepatitis, or tuberculosis
  • You've had sex with anyone who has done anything listed above or with someone whose sexual history you don't know
  • More frequent testing may be recommended by your healthcare provider

Where Can I Get Tested?

  • Your primary care provider can write a script for blood work to be tested
  • If you are uncomfortable talking with your primary care provider, call the HIV Clinic at (814) 534-9876 for confidential testing

Support Group
Conemaugh Memorials offers a free community support group for patients living with HIV and their immediate family members. Each attendee must sign a confidentiality form. To participate in this group, please call the HIV clinic for dates, times, and locations of monthly meetings.

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