Neuroscience and Pain Healthbreak Segments

  Multiple Sclerosis
  Michael Sauter, MD
  Director, Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

  Neck Pain: Minimally Invasive Options for Neck and Back Pain
  Francis Ferraro, MD

  Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus: Diagnosing and Treating Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
  Robert Saicki, Ph.D

  Pain Management: Non-Opioid Options
  Steven Guirand, MD
  Conemaugh Physician Group - Pain and Neurology

  Stroke: Recognizing a Stroke
  Nicholas Lanciano, DO

  Stroke: TPA Medication for Stroke Patients
  Todd Lynn, DO
  Director, Stroke Care

  Stroke: Telestroke Technology
  Todd Lynn, DO
  Director of Stroke Medicine