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Conemaugh School of Radiologic Technology

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services Office Contact Information:

Laura Roberts
Financial Aid Administrator
(814) 534-9890

Sarah Moore
Financial Aid Administrator
(814) 534-3402

Tuition and Fees

Tuition, fees, and expenses are published each academic year on an estimated basis and are subject to change. All students will be charged per credit for tuition and comprehensive fees each semester.  The comprehensive fees will be charged to all students enrolling in credit courses. The comprehensive fee supports the services provided to students and covers expenses related to health, testing, skills/sim lab, activities, etc.

Textbooks and supplies are purchased through outside vendors and are not included in the tuition and fee amounts billed. 

For detailed information regarding 2020-2021 tuition and fees, please click here.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Students become responsible for tuition and fees at the time of registration.  All financial arrangements for tuition and fees must be made on or before the tuition due date for each semester or registration may be cancelled.  Students are billed by semester for all enrolled courses including the general education courses.  Payment is due two weeks prior to the first day of each semester. 

Students must have one of the following payment methods in place by the tuition due date each semester:

Payment of Balance in Full

The school accepts cash, check, money orders, and credit/debit payments. Payments may be mailed to the school or made at the Student Financial Services Office during regular business hours.  Payments are not accepted over the phone. If a student wishes to use a credit/debit card they must complete the form below and turn into the Student Financial Services Office. Students will recieve a receipt for any payment once it has been processed and applied to their account.

Credit Card Payment Form

Approved Financial Aid

It is the responsibility of the student who intends to use financial aid to cover their account balance to complete all parts of the financial aid process by the deadlines established by the Student Financial Services Office. Costs not covered by financial aid are the responsibility of the student and must be paid on or before the tuition due date. More information regarding Financial Aid below. 

Semester Payment Plan

Successful enrollment in a semester payment plan requires a completed agreement, payment of a $25.00 enrollment fee, and payment of the first month’s payment. Each semester will need a newly completed payment agreement and fee.  Additional information regarding the payment plan may be obtained through the Student Financial Services Office.

Third Party Payments

Students whose tuition and fees are funded through a third party, such as a business or agency, must have written documentation from the third party submitted to the Student Financial Services Office upon registration or by the tuition due date.

Foster Care Tuition and Fee Waiver

The Fostering Independence through Education Act (Act 16 of 2019) provides a waiver of tuition and mandatory fees to PA resident students who have been in foster care to reduce financial barriers. Tuition waivers are provided for the balance of tuition and mandatory fees after the awarding of all eligible federal and state grants and other scholarships. For more information, click here

Financial Aid

Federal financial aid is available to qualified students who are accepted to Conemaugh School of Radiologic Technology and submit the required financial aid forms. For a complete list of Conemaugh's Financial Aid Programs, click here!

Conemaugh Student Financial Services office can also help you determine if you are eligible for additional support, including:

Financial Aid Application

To determine eligibility for federal and state financial aid, students must complete and submit the following documents:

Financial Aid Notification

Students who complete the necessary financial aid documents will be notified of their estimated financial aid amounts by mail mid-summer. The notification may also include:

  • Federal grants the student is eligible to receive
  • Federal Direct Stafford Student Loans
  • Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loans
  • Scholarships / other funding the student is eligible to receive

The financial aid notification will also list how each funding source will be disbursed each semester of the academic year.

Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator is for educational purposes only and is not a reflection of a potential Conemaugh financial aid award.

Click here to access an online net price calculator for Conemaugh School of Radiologic Technology.


Scholarship opportunity notifications are sent out to students once the Student Financial Services office is made aware of the scholarship. Notifications are sent via email as well as posting the scholarship outside the Student Financial Services office on the scholarship board. 

Scholarships are also available through the 1889 Foundation. These scholarships are based on clinical and academic performance. Applicants must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered. Award recipients for the 1889 Foundation Scholarships are notified in the Spring of each academic year.

We encourage you to apply to as many scholarships as you can! Start early!

Current Scholarship Opportunities:

PNC Education Loan Center Achiever Scholarship

Soroptomist "Live Your Dream" Scholarship

Community Foundation for the Alleghenies

Check out these websites for additional scholarships:

Private or Alternative Student Loans

Students can look into alternative or private student loans to help with any out-of-pocket costs. Students can use a lender of their choice. Please keep in mind that not all private/alternative loan companies will lend to Conemaugh students. Please check with the Student Financial Services office for more information. 

Additional Information

  • Students receiving additional financial assistance from employers or other outside sources are required to inform the Student Financial Services Office.
  • Financial aid will be allocated after classes start each semester.
  • A student's financial aid file must be complete and up-to-date to have financial aid credited to his / her account.
  • Financial aid will appear on the student's account statement or tuition bill as a credit, reducing the amount the student owes.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Students of Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center are required to successfully complete all scheduled courses before advancing to the next level and/or semester. It is the policy of Conemaugh to monitor the academic progress of a student in his or her program of study. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is measured at the end of each semester. 

In accordance with the school’s academic promotion policies, a student is considered to be making SAP if he or she achieves a passing grade of no less than a “C” in all enrolled courses within the curriculum plan and receives a clinical performance grade of “Satisfactory” in each course where applicable. The student must also complete the education program requirements within 150% of the published length of the program. Please refer to the academic promotion policy of each education program for further detail.

If a student fails to make SAP, the student’s financial aid is cancelled and the student is withdrawn from the program entirely. As a result, Conemaugh does not offer an appeal process by which a student who is not meeting SAP standards can petition the school for reconsideration of his or her eligibility of Federal Student Aid (FSA) funds. 

A student who is withdrawn from the program may reapply for admission and is considered on the basis of the admissions policies. A student who previously failed to make SAP is given a financial aid warning at readmission. The student may continue to receive FSA funds for one payment period after re-admittance. Should the student fail to meet SAP after that payment period, he or she loses his or her financial aid eligibility and is again withdrawn from the education program. A student is only permitted one re-admission to a Conemaugh program of study.