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Conemaugh School of Nursing Graduate Profiles

Conemaugh School of Nursing graduates are well-educated, well-prepared, and employable throughout the United States. They put their skills to use in a variety of health care settings, including hospitals, physician offices, dialysis centers, hospice organizations, nursing homes and assisted living facilities and home health agencies.

Conemaugh School of Nursing graduates also tend to score higher than their peers across the country on national tests, such as the ATI RN comprehensive predictor.

What Our Graduates Say

In a recent survey of Conemaugh School of Nursing graduates:

  • 100% were satisfied with the nursing education
  • 98% agreed that the clinical practice environments support student learning and program outcomes
  • 96% agreed that the program length was appropriate and consistent with best practices
  • Program strengths included clinical time, hands-on learning, and knowledgeable and experienced faculty

Institutional Graduation Rates

Student Outcome Achievement Data