Conemaugh School of Medical Technology

Tuition & Fees 

2020-2021 Med Tech Cost Sheet for tuition and fees. Please note that tuition and fees are subject to change.

Additional information on fees associated with the School of Medical Technology:

  • Application Fee - Non-refundable fee of $35.00 must accompany application for admission.
  • Registration Fee - Upon acceptance to the program a registration fee of $150.00 is due with acceptance letter. The non-refundable fee guarantees the student's place in the program.
  • Uniforms (shirts / slacks / shoes) - Students are required to purchase shirts with Conemaugh School of Medical Technology insignia to wear while in the hospital. The price of each shirt is approximately $15.00 - $20.00. Additionally, students are responsible for purchasing pants / slacks and appropriate shoes for work in the laboratory.
  • Books - Textbooks total approximately $860.00 and should be purchased prior to the first day of each term.
  • Transcript Fees - Transcripts are issued free of charge, upon written request to the Program Director. Click here for the request form.
  • Withdrawal / Refund Policy - Students who resign from the Conemaugh School of Medical Technology program must notify the Program Director of his / her intent to resign in writing. The last date of attendance serves as the effective date for program withdrawal. An appointment must be made with the Financial Aid Director to meet regulations and finalize account balance or refund.
  • Certification Examinations - Fees for national certification examinations are stated each year in the application for examination packets. The current fee for each examination is approximately $240.00 and must be submitted with the application for certification in the graduation year. This amount is not included in the tuition of the program. Completion of the external certification examination is not required for graduation from the program.
  • Graduation Fee - $200.00 is due the first day of the second term.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Students become responsible for tuition and fees at the time of registration.  All financial arrangements for tuition and fees must be made on or before the tuition due date for each semester or registration may be cancelled.  Students are billed by semester for all enrolled courses.  Payment is due two weeks prior to the first day of each semester. *Please note there is no financial aid available through Conemaugh for the School of Medical Technology. 

Students must have one of the following payment methods in place by the tuition due date each semester:

Payment of Balance in Full

The school accepts cash, check, money orders, and credit/debit payments. Payments may be mailed to the school or at the Student Financial Services Office during regular business hours.  Payments are not accepted over the phone. 

Financial Aid for 3+1 Programs

The Medical Technology program is not eligible for financial aid.  However, if you are enrolled in a 3+1 program at an eligible institution, you may qualify for financial aid through that institution.  It is the responsibility of the student who intends to use financial aid to work directly with their home institution.  Financial aid funds are sent to your home institution and it is then your responsibility to make payment to Conemaugh.   

Semester Payment Plan

Successful enrollment in a semester payment plan requires a completed agreement, payment of a $25.00 enrollment fee, and payment of the first month’s payment. Each semester will need a newly completed payment agreement and fee.  Additional information regarding the payment plan may be obtained through the Student Financial Services Office.

Third Party Payments

The Paramedic program is not eligible for financial aid.  However, students may be funded through a third party.  Students whose tuition and fees are funded through a third party, such as a business or agency, must have written documentation from the third party submitted to the Student Financial Services Office upon registration or by the tuition due date.

Student Financial Obligations

Students are responsible for payment of tuition and fees for the courses that they are enrolled in each semester.  Failure to satisfactorily attend or complete courses does not absolve a student from his or her financial obligations for those courses.

A $25 late fee is assessed to an account not paid by the due date.  Additional late fees are charged in 30 day increments if balances remain unpaid.  The late fees process also applies to students on a payment plan who are not meeting the payment schedule.

Students with outstanding financial obligations will have a hold on their account and may not be permitted to advance in the program, receive official transcripts or grades, or participate in graduation until the hold is cleared.  At the discretion of School Administration, students may also be prevented from attending class and clinical.

The Student Financial Services Office makes every attempt to contact each student to arrange satisfactory payment of the outstanding amount. If all efforts have been exhausted and the debt is still outstanding, the unpaid account is referred to a private collection agency based on the outstanding balance and the delinquency is attached to his or her credit report.

Institutional Refund Policy

Students who voluntarily withdraw from a Conemaugh program may be entitled to a tuition refund. Tuition refunds for courses taken at Conemaugh are subject to a scale based on period of attendance.

The last date of attendance is determined according to the federal regulations by the Program Director of the student’s program. Students who are involuntarily withdrawn are not eligible for a tuition refund.

The sole component of the institutional refund calculation is tuition. Fees paid to the school are non-refundable. Fees that are not attendance related, such as payment plan, late, application, and registration fees are also non-refundable. 

The refund schedule is based on weeks of attendance. For refund purposes, a week begins on the Monday at the start of the semester’s first scheduled classes.


Within 1st week

Within 2nd week

Within 3rd week

Within 4th week

Within 5th week

          Amount Refunded:





          No refund

For questions or concerns about billing for the School of Medical Technology, please contact the Student Financial Services office:

Laura Roberts
Financial Aid Administrator
(814) 534-9890

        Sarah Moore
        Financial Aid Administrator
        (814) 534-3402