Graduate Medical Education Information

The first medical training program at Conemaugh Memorial began in 1915 with three interns who were training for a one year period. One of them, B.A. Braude, MD, was elected president of the Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Medical Staff in 1938. While the original medical training program ended in 1975, others began. Today, Conemaugh Memorial residency programs include Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pharm D, and Psychology, with preliminary year residencies in Internal Medicine and Surgery, as well as AOA Residency programs.

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Graduate Medical Education Manager

Nancy Marano
(814) 534-9845

AOA/ACGME Emergency Medicine Program Coordinator

Debbie Machak
(814) 534-3745

ACGME General Surgery Program Coordinator

Nori Lamberson
(814) 534-1660

Pharmacy Residency Program Coordinator

Patricia Seese
(814) 534-9896

Mentoring in Medicine Program Coordinator

Diana Schroeder

Graduate Medical Education Coordinator

Viola Sand
(814) 534-9892

AOA & ACGME Family Medicine Program Coordinator

Claudia Spittal
(814) 534-9364

AOA & ACGME Internal Medicine Program Coordinator

Cindy Gregorich
(814) 534-9408

Doctoral Psychology Internship Executive Secretary

Irene Baker
(814) 534-9951

Medical Student Coordinator

Vicki DiGuardi
(814) 534-9403