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Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center's Medical Skills Learning Center and accompanying coursework are designed to improve patient safety, strengthen critical thinking skills, and improve patient outcomes. Virtual and hands-on coursework also help healthcare professionals earn continuing education credits. 

Conemaugh Memorial's Medical Skills Learning Center includes a wireless classroom, extensive coursework options, a procedures lab, and a state-of-the-art simulation suite to assist healthcare professionals in mastering latest patient care techniques. Resources can be combined to recreate realistic scenarios that range from a standard operating suite to a hectic Emergency Room after a mass casualty.


  • Accommodates up to 20 students for lectures or meetings
  • Wireless "smart room" equipped with whiteboard, LCD projector, and laptops
  • Videoconferencing capabilities
  • Additional classroom space available to accommodate up to 60 learners

Procedures Room

  • Equipped with models, simulators, and task trainers to assist learners in perfecting technical skill
  • Practice for skills ranging from basic airway and wound management to an array of complex surgical procedures
  • Opportunity for skill proficiency assessment during live instruction by faculty mentor, or recorded and saved for evaluation and debriefing at a later date
  • Serves as a Wet Lab for cadaver-based training to review anatomy and perform surgical procedures

Human Patient Simulation Lab

  • Conemaugh Memorial's simulator family includes i-Stan, SimJunior, SimBaby, and Noelle Birthing and Premie Hal. Trauma Man, SonoMan, and Blue Phantom ultrasound access models are also available.