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Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center's Medical Skills Learning Center is equipped with highly interactive tools that are used to teach a variety of assessment and procedural skills. These resources allow residents and medical, nursing, and allied health students the opportunity to learn from mistakes without causing patient harm. 

Hands-On Equipment

  • CAE i-Stan
  • Laerdal Sim Junior and Sim Baby
  • Gaumard Noelle and Premie Hal
  • Anatomincal human body parts including Trauma Man, Mr. Hurt, cervical and complete spine models, brain models, FAST 1 and EZIO infusion trainers, and IV trainer arms
  • Blue Phantom Ultrasound femoral and CVL access models
  • SonoMan Ultrasound system
  • Airway-intubation infant, child, and adult models
  • Infant and adult tracheotomy models
  • Joint infection models
  • Lumbar puncture anesthesia models
  • Suturing trainers
  • Urinary catheterization models
  • Wound staging models
  • Bronchoscopy trainer
  • Laparoscopic video towers
  • Chester chest model
  • Ear exam model
  • GI procedure simulator
  • Laerdal SimMan 3G with SonoSim technology
  • Laerdal SimMan ALS
  • Fundamentals in Laparoscopic training system