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Mentoring in Medicine

Mentoring in Medicine is a ten-week paid summer internship for students who are currently sophomores, juniors, or seniors in college or completing the first year of medical school. Students must be on a pre-medicine track with plans to become a physician. This is a competitive internship and students must have home residence in Bedford, Cambria, or Somerset counties.


  • Provide academically talented college students who are interested in medical fields to have real-life experiences that will encourage them to seek careers that will return them to the region.
  • Enhance the resumes of our college students to provide the clinical experience that will assist them with their applications to medical or graduate school.
  • Provide mentoring experiences with physicians that will provide long-term support to these students and encourage the connection to the area.


  • 10-weeks in duration
  • 1 week rotations with different physicians in different specialty areas
  • 8 weeks of “required” rotations including ER, General Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Family Practice, Pediatrics/Obstetrics, Pathology, Radiology, and Orthopedic Surgery
  • 2 weeks of “elective” rotations with areas of specialization that the student selects
  • Weekly journal club activities for review of current literature
  • Participation in medical education conferences as appropriate
  • Basic skill training: Vital sign assessment, use of a stethoscope, medical terminology
  • Students will rotate with staff as their week dictates: If with ER physician and working nights, student will work nights.
  • Educational review regarding HIPAA, confidentiality, professionalism
  • To be coordinated by Dr. Alex Pozun
  • $2,000 stipend/student


Students will be evaluated at the end of the summer, an appropriate letter of support will be sent to student’s college file.  Students will be expected to complete end-of-summer paper that outlines experiences. 


Alex Pozun, DO
Melissa Pozun, DPT
Email Alex and Melissa at

Interested students can contact to request an application. Applications are due by February 14, 2022.