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Mentoring in Medicine

Mentoring in Medicine is a ten-week paid summer internship for students who are currently sophomores, juniors, or seniors in college or completing the first year of medical school. Students must be on a pre-medicine track with plans to become a physician. This is a competitive internship and students must have home residence in Bedford, Cambria, or Somerset counties.


  • Provide academically talented college students who are interested in medical fields to have real-life experiences that will encourage them to seek careers that will return them to the region.
  • Enhance the resumes of our college students to provide the clinical experience that will assist them with their applications to medical or graduate school.
  • Provide mentoring experiences with physicians that will provide long-term support to these students and encourage the connection to the area.


  • 10-weeks in duration
  • 1 week rotations with different physicians in different specialty areas
  • 8 weeks of “required” rotations including ER, General Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Family Practice, Pediatrics/Obstetrics, Pathology, Radiology, and Orthopedic Surgery
  • 2 weeks of “elective” rotations with areas of specialization that the student selects
  • Weekly journal club activities for review of current literature
  • Participation in medical education conferences as appropriate
  • Basic skill training: Vital sign assessment, use of a stethoscope, medical terminology
  • Students will rotate with staff as their week dictates: If with ER physician and working nights, student will work nights.
  • Educational review regarding HIPAA, confidentiality, professionalism
  • To be coordinated by Dr. Alex Pozun
  • $2,000 stipend/student


Students will be evaluated at the end of the summer, an appropriate letter of support will be sent to student’s college file.  Students will be expected to complete end-of-summer paper that outlines experiences. 


Alex Pozun, DO
Melissa Pozun, DPT
Email Alex and Melissa at