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Registration Requirements

The table below outlines the program registration requirements. Please read carefully including additional details below.

If items are missing, registration may be delayed. If you have questions regarding completion of this information, please contact:

Leah Patton, BS, CST
Academic Admissions Coordinator

Item #





Registration Fee

All Programs

Registration fee should be submitted to Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center (CMMC) within three weeks of acceptance. The Registration fee is non-refundable.


Official High
School Transcript

All Programs

Official high school transcripts should be submitted to CMMC within two weeks of high school graduation.

A high school transcript with proof of graduation must be on file.


Official College

All Programs

Updated transcripts should be returned to CMMC within two weeks of applicable semester's end.


Tuition Payment

All Programs

Tuition is due two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Additional Details

Item #1 – Registration Fee

Students in all programs are required to pay $150.00 non-refundable registration fee.

Item #2 – Official High School Transcript

Students are required to provide an official high school transcript. Many students complete this requirement prior to admission; high school transcripts are required as part of the application process. However, students graduating after acceptance into a program must provide an updated official high school transcript that reflects completion of all coursework.

Item #3 – Official College Transcripts

Students in all programs are required to provide official college transcripts from all previously attended institutions. Transfer coursework cannot be evaluated until transcripts are received. Students will be registered and billed for all required coursework until transcripts are received. Timely receipt of transcripts is extremely important. Students should request an official transcript at the completion of every semester.

Item #4 – Tuition Payment

Invoices will be mailed thirty days prior to the due date. Any balance for a student accepted after the due date is due at time of acceptance. Official payment policies can be found in the school catalogs. Payment plans are available.