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Corporate Care

AVAILABLE AT Memorial Nason

Corporate Care Locations

Conemaugh East Hills

1450 Scalp Avenue
Johnstown, PA 15904
Phone: (814) 266-8466
Fax: (814) 266-0177

Conemaugh Ebensburg

861 Hills Plaza Drive
Ebensburg, PA 15931
Phone: (814) 471-0256
Fax: (814) 472-4596

Worksite Services

A member of Conemaugh Corporate Care visits each company to learn more about job functions and common injuries in the specific workplace. Many times Conemaugh's trained staff identify potential problem areas and work with employees to modify the environment to prevent injuries. 

  • On-site testing including audiography services, general physicals, breath alcohol testing, vision exams, and pulmonary tests
  • Ergonomic evaluations
  • Biological monitoring
  • Evaluation of workplace hazards
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
  • 24-hour Workers Compensation injury care provided by a physician and healthcare providers. After business hours and on weekends, the Work Injury Clinic provides treatment through Conemaugh Richland and Conemaugh Ebensburg MedWELL locations, and by the Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center Emergency Department after 8:00 p.m.
  • Medical surveillance and screening programs help evaluate the health of employees and improve worksite safety. All test results include professional interpretation and specification to job applications.
    • Drug screening (DOT and non-DOT)
    • Pulmonary Function Testing
    • Breath Alcohol Testing
    • Audiometry / Hearing Conservation
    • Blood Lead / Chromium Level
    • Random Drug Screening
    • MRO services
  • Custom physical examinations to assess risk and prevent injury.
  • Immunization program
    • Flu shots
    • Hepatitis B vaccinations
    • TB skin test
    • Tetanus / TDap injections
    • Travel immunizations (typhoid, Hepatitis A, polio vaccine)
    • Rabies immunizations
  • Industrial Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Clinic where injured workers reacquire proficiency, strength, flexibility, and dexterity. Treatment focuses on education, rehabilitation, symptom management, and prevention.
    • Post-injury rehabilitation (physical, occupational, and aqua therapy)
    • Work hardening programs
    • Functional capacity evaluation
    • Functional agility test
    • Injury prevention education
    • Ergonomic worksite evaluation
    • Educational programs

Employer Benefits

  • Restore the health and well-being of the employee 
  • Provide consistent, comprehensive care to employees 
  • Return the employee safely to work in a timely manner 
  • Promote the return to regular duties as soon as safely possible 
  • Contain costs for care in the most cost-effective manner every time 
  • Reduce lost work time through assistance with continued development of a specifically tailored modified duty program 
  • Walk-in appointments for injured employees.  
  • Acts as a liaison between employer and employee with communication of pertinent care and / or any issues immediately 
  • Providers proactively manage care and contain associated medical costs through aggressive case management 
  • Prompt communication regarding status of the employee. Corporate Care will notify employer by phone and written communication after each employee visit. 
  • Work closely with other providers of after hour care. Increase access to “after hours care” by the extension of services available through the ER and/or MedWELL with pre-determined protocols of care for the injured worker and assurance of appropriate follow up care the next day.
  • Provide comprehensive employee wellness and medical surveillance programs tailored to individual needs 
  • Provide a variety of value added services including retrospective, concurrent, and / or prospective chart analysis 
  • Workplace wellness programs